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This Website Is Currently Under Construction

This site contains a variety of files and tutorials that are currently being written by me.
Hopefully it will allow you to gain a better understanding of some of the Adobe programs, and how they can be used to create things like artistic images and motion pictures, also known as videos that are digital and on computers when they are finished being made by the Adobe software.

I plan on eventually publishing an actual book that will come with all of the files on this website so that those who are effected by it can overcome the learning curves that programs like Adobe After Effects have.

Adobe After Effects project files of animations and art
by Rory Boen as tutorials (that are being) created by Rory Boen




Psoriasis Testing Investigational Medications: 30 Second animated Adobe After Effects Television Commercial, by Rory Boen






A Guide To Tucson Wedding Planning Banner For Flash, by Rory Boen

Canon Menu Animation Tutorial, by Rory Boen







Comcast Logo Animation, by Rory Boen

Comcast Logo Animated With Look Adobe After Effects Tutorial And Project Files






Electric Eyes News Graphic Animation, by Rory Boen







HD Jerry Garcia Tie Animation, by Rory Boen (Tie/look by Jerry Garcia)







Neon HD Web Site Flash Webpage Animation Component, by Rory Boen







Odwalla Farm, Factory, Distribution Animation, by Rory Boen

Farm Factory And Distribution Adobe After Effects Animation And Project Files







Star Map, by Rory Boen (Red, White, and Blue look by Journal Broadcast Group)







Rory Boen's original Old Pueblo Productions; Wedding Videography Lower Third "2 Liner" animation, by Rory Boen
This animation is used in:







Reader animation, with featured element; art and animation by Rory Boen








Adobe Photoshop files created by graphic artist Rory Boen and tutorials being written and created by him slowly but shurely when he has what
it takes for him to work on stuff like that and care about it enough to
take the time while having enough energy to start teaching others how to do what it takes to create things in a way that allows real creative freedom to create pieces of art, masterpieces, etc. by using a computer.



I really wanted to have a serious relationship with a artist that grew up near Masterpiece street after high school, in Tucson, and i figured my ex girlfriend would be watching eventhough we werent still together I cared what she thought and I certainly ended up enjoying working with people who had actual art educations and the work ethic, skills, attention to detail, and routine of consistently and regularly creating pieces while watchin BET, with me as I taught them how to use computers to get what they would like to get done done so they could create art like art is created, and as a result enjoyed the friendly positive atmosphere, energy, and acceptance that it's normal to work on something until its done and done in a way that can be given feedback to see if my co-workers would change or improve anything about the pice made for the news while working with them before finalizing it if I felt the need to interact with them about such things, depending on exactly what I was creating etc.

Hard work seems to not be the type of thing that people in America can benifit from in any way shape or form as a result of rights violations, stalkers, millitant sabbotage, others believing that as a result of being better than average everything must become a cruel and unusual punishment situation due to things like schools existing such as universities, and/or corrupt cops, stalkers, etc. is I think that introducting people when they shop for so many years in a way that is organized is so incredibly wrong but done and that the same people who get impatient if I stay at home working hard that they want to attack me and do something agressive and negative to me to hurt and attack me as best that they can get tired of waiting at places like stores and actually approach my addresses and scream things as their best attempt to attack me to ruin my day, productivity, train of thought, etc. and that they do it in Phoenix, AZ and Tucson, AZ so consistently that they never actually stop or get stopped but clearly can and should be stopped and gotten rid of as a result of being the equivilent of modern canibals at the very least, etc. is they are to be destroyed. Especially after attacking and manipulating for so many years so seriously and agressively. I can't use computers since about 2008 might be my guess and the real truth. Not peacefully in a way that they actually function like computers do. "Everything I touch I break." --Stabbing Westward "I don't want: I only need." --Stabbing Westward "If your try sometimes you might find that you get what you need." -- The ROLLING Stones (e quipped)



Adobe Photoshop files created by
Graphic Artist Rory Boen as tutorials
(being) created by him





Write Marketing Off - Business Card Front designed by Rory Boen

Write Marketing Off - Business Card Back designed by Rory Boen



A Guide To Phoenix Wedding Planning Door Hanger by Rory Boen

Door Hanger File Download by Rory Boen Photoshop .psd


Coffee Etc. Book Mark, designed using a style/look that was created by someone other than Rory Boen.
(Rory Boen modified, and improved the pre-existing look, and then designed this book mark).





Click To Download the Large, for Adobe After Effects Animation Compositions; Red Bull Logo Look Piece, by Rory Boen
Adobe Photoshop .psd file (138 MB))_

Redbull plur a L


Red Bull Project Folder by Rory Boen for Write Marketing Off employees.zip format (Aproximately 1 Gigabite)
(You can install and use the Winzip computer program on PC/Windows computers unzip the file to use the project
folder to use the Photoshop and old After Effects animation files)




Odwallla Look: Table Top Display, by Rory Boen


(Click to download a billboard design rough draft file that was sabbotaged due to constitutionally guaranteed rights being attacked since starting the design), by Rory Boen (43MB)




Write Marketing Off Post Card: Front by Rory Boen



Write Marketing Off Post Card: Back by Rory Boen




Write Marketing Off - 3 Fold brochure: Front, Back, and Inside by Rory Boen



Write Marketing Off - 3 Fold Brochure: Inside by Rory Boen.



Write Marketing Off - Post Card/Flyer "Front", by Rory Boen.

Write Markerting Off - Post Card/Flyer "Back", by Rory Boen


it so k aft e K





Write Markerting Off: Phoenix, AZ Super Bowl Post Card/Flyer, for Rory Boen to use
as a salesman before the Superbowl: by Rory Boen.

Free Photoshop File Download by Rory Boen

Click this link to dowload the Write Marketing Off - Website Splash www.writemarketingoff.com
"welcome, aka introduction, page", by Rory Boen.

Rory Boen Tutorial

Click to download the A Guide To Phoenix Wedding Planning look by Rory Boen Bill Board.psd Adobe Photoshop File (154 mb)

A Guide To Phoenix Wedding Planning Billboard art by Rory Boen .psd Photoshop file download






Write Marketing Off: Client Information, Project Description, and Contract (a version of fine print), by Rory Boen








Click To Download The DVD Sleeve by Rory Boen for the original Old Pueblo Productions
.psd Photoshop File (130 mb), by Rory Boen





Click To Download: Label (Ceremony) #1: For The Original Rory Boen's Old Pueblo Productions
.PSD Adobe Photoshop File Download. (79 MB) designed by Rory Boen.



Click To Download: Label (Reception) #1: For The Original Rory Boen's Old Pueblo Productions
.PSD Adobe Photoshop File Download. (75 MB), designed by Rory Boen




Click To Download the matching: Standard Definition NTSC Menu For Adobe Encore, For The Original
Rory Boen's Old Pueblo Productions by Adobe, selected and used by Rory Boen




Click To Download the Standard Definition NTSC Template Menu by Adobe, For Adobe Encore;
selected and used by Rory Boen.




Click this link to download the .psd Photoshop demo reel menu file by Rory Boen,
that he made while he was traveling on a train, to Canada, in aproximately 2007. (3.5 mb)



Neon_Palette_Look website, made_to_be_animated, by_Rory_Boen.psd (5.24 mb)



The design as a website created by using Slices in Adobe Photoshop and then exporting the finished file from Photoshop as .html to open the .html files created by Photoshop in Adobe Dreamweaver to then use Adobe Dreamweaver to turn the design into a functioning website with content on it:




King of The Deathmatch Tournament; edited and designed by Rory Boen