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Write Marketing Off - Business Cards: Front









Write Marketing Off - Business Cards: Back








The link below is to download the South Fork font, it can be installed on a Apple computer to be used with Adobe Photoshop, and that will allow the things like the name and the phone number to be customize, changed, updated. changed as needed and when desired, etc. PC Versions of it might exist. It is the font that was chosen by Rory Boen when he created Write Marketing Off

Download this, make your own by changing the name after downloading and installing the Mac font Southfork if you can: http://www.roryboen.com/Tutorials_By_Rory_Boen/Adobe_Photoshop_Tutorials/Tutorials_By_Rory_Boen/Download_This_Font_Its_The_Write_Marketing_Off_Look_Font_For_Busness_Cards_On_Apple_Computers_GET_PC_V_ON_OWN.zip


The Design Process:













South Fork is the font used to create the Write Marketing Off buisness cards, it was selected by Rory Boen: