Download The Adobe After Effects Project Files






Vector graphics are usually made using the computer program Adobe Illistrator. Vector files in Adobe After Effects are capable of becoming any scale while still being crisp and sharp like they are the resolution of the scale size re-created each and every frame as a result of vector graphics being mathmatically created instead of created by using organized pixels like most graphic files such a .jpg .png and .psf.



Adding video to the vector map design and animating it:



Creating a Alpha Matte for Adobe After Effects to "crop" the video, so it can always be the perfect size capable of seamlessly fading into the map;
so the video used in the finished animation file can be scaled as needed and any reasonable resolution.




Using Adobe Photoshop to trace the image I created by Adobe After Effects for Adobe Photoshop:






download Video mask layer .psd file created by Rory Boen. (coming soon)


IMPORTING AND USING THE Video Mask Layer in Adobe After Effects to create a video element that matches the large map rectangle perfectly, so it can fade out revealing the map location featured in the re-usable animation, created as a vector design for still image news broadcast maps for daily news broadcasts pretty much everyday, but animated for video as a result of most readers not being limited by the equipment that Rory Boen was using at KGUN 9 News, a ABC Affiliate, when he created this vector map in Adobe After Effects.










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