This 30 second spot was made quickly in about one day, on short notice.
It was part of a job interview for a production company in Texas; and I made it while I was on the phone and using AOL Instant Messenger.
The script, stock footage of the people, and the audio was provided by the man in Texas who was interested in hiring me.

I was running Old Pueblo Productions at the time; and decided not accept the job because I would have missed my friends in my hometown, etc.







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There are some errors in the project files above that will be corrected sooner or later:
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Quickly Fixed Rendered Video:




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Audio Used To Create The Commercial:
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Audio Waves Graphic Cool Edit Adobe Audition





Graphic Elements Used To Create The Animated Commercial:
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Photoshop Look For After Effects Composition


Male And Female Symbol




Alpha Channel Sequence




RX Bottle



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Script For 30 Second Spot - Contact Details Photoshop File For Adobe After Effects Animation



Adobe Photoshop Graphic Element For Animation In Adobe After Effects


Lower Third Graphic Element Two Line


Phone Graphic Element


Screen Shots Of Animating The Commercial:


File to import as a composition: Psoriasis_Frame_1_For_AFX.psd

Photoshop Look For After Effects Composition

Psoriasis_Frame_1_For_AFX.psd (Photoshop file) Imported as a composition:

Files to import as Footage:

Psoriasis AI moderate

Psoriasis Illistrated Severe



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Tutorial By Rory Boen