Adobe After Effects Commercial Tutorial

This is one of the very first VECTOR projects that I started working on. I had every intention of making it 100% Vector, so the scene would always have a crisp image at any scale.
Somewhere along the way, the project became complicated, and as a result using the vector option, in After Effects, causes the vector trucks to "drive" differently. (not on the roads.)
Eventhough you can't scale the scene to any scale and still have a sharp, clear image using the vector option I decided to share this project with you. Logically; with enough labor, this
problem can be fixed.




Download The Adobe After Effects Project Files



This project requires alot of RAM, a fast CPU, and it will probabally increase your power bill by the time you are done rendering everything:

Adobe After Effects Rendering

Download The Rendered Video


Here are a few more rendered clips from this project:

Factory & Truck CU Slow Zoom

As you can see by the rendered clips, the KEYFRAMES for the trucks are not finished yet depending on editing choices/needs.
The trucks can/should move much smoother, at times, and that takes time and work. A fast computer is helpful. Rendering and
previewing the clips allows you to easily find areas that need to be keyframed correctly.

Keyframing things like this takes some getting used to, and becomes easier the more that you do it.

Null Layer Used To Animate In After Effects






Odwalla Table Top Display Animation City Factory Trucks


Odwalla Farm To Factory PAN FOR

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Tutorial By Rory Boen